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Our firm principal, David Hahn, CCIM, CM&AA, ASA, MAFF, CVA, CGA, MBA, has been well seasoned since 1985.
(David Hahn, CA State Certified General Real Estate Appraiser BREA #AG009828
David Hahn, CA RE Broker BRE #00902122, DBA: Alpha Consulting Group
David Hahn, CCIM - Certified Commercial Investment Member, the Ph.D. of Commercial Real Estate)

Alpha Consulting Group (ACG) provides advisory services to the commercial-investment real estate industry. The process of financing, developing, constructing or managing commercial real estate is a fluid and ever-changing process that is increasing in complexity, requiring specialized knowledge and skills not generally found within most organizations.

Factors Impacting Investment

Commercial real estate owners, users, lenders and investors are confronted by such diverse factors as complex agency requirements, environmental regulations, a myriad of compliance related issues, local market considerations, political and geographic risk, portfolio risk, changing capital markets, building design technologies, planning and construction requirements, as well as fluctuating costs and market absorption rates. Any one of these factors can significantly impact overall investment performance.

Investment Acquisition & Disposition Services
Alpha Consulting Group (ACG) offers an integrated services approach to investment grade asset representation. ACG provides a full offering of buy-side, sell-side and professional services. To meet the individual needs of our clients, we leverage our integrated business model to offer the following services:

Acquisition Services

As a fully integrated real estate services company, we not only provide our clients with financial engineering and capital formation services, access to our market research and due diligence services, but most importantly we provide access to many of the best investment opportunities available in the market.

Disposition Services
ACG can leverage its integrated services to assist property owners in maximizing the value of their assets upon disposition. We provide a certainty of execution that comes from the experience of being rooted in development and ownership.

Due Diligence and Project Feasibility
Alpha Consulting Group has tremendous experience and expertise in thoroughly analyzing and reviewing all operating elements of an individual asset or portfolio. Our best in class methodology and approach results in clear identification of the strengths and weaknesses of an asset or portfolio allowing us to formulate recommendations to maximize operational efficiencies and productivity, while enhancing tenant satisfaction. This, in turn, results in maximizing the value of the asset or portfolio in a risk managed environment. Our due diligence model employs a seven-phase plan:

  • Evaluate overall market conditions to include population, employment, demographic and other relevant data-sets
  • Conduct asset level inspections
  • Perform lease analysis and roll-over risk assessments
  • Lead interviews with parties that have key roles or potential influence over the asset or portfolio
  • Evaluate competitive assets
  • Prepare a capital markets analysis of the asset to determine viability of financing and to recommend appropriate financing structure
  • Formulate evaluations, conclusions & recommendations

Our areas of operational expertise include, but are not limited to:

  • All mechanical systems such as HVAC, elevators and electrical systems, lighting, security, fire & life safety systems, roof systems & applications, energy conservation & management programs
  • Environmental assessments
  • Structural and engineering assessments
  • Value engineering
  • Zoning, entitlement, conditional use, variance and permitting assessments
  • Property management, property maintenance, general building operations and customer service
  • Assessment of existing financing and new recapitalization options

ACG's Research & Analytics group can also create custom reports for market or project level feasibility or due diligence purposes.

Market Feasibility
ACGl's professional services group is a respected source of market data in the commercial real estate industry. Not only does ACG subscribe to a broad array of leading third party services, but we also conduct our own internal research cross referencing and validating our data against multiple other data feeds insuring the integrity and accuracy of our market intelligence.

We conduct exhaustive research assessing every detail of the market, from a macro economic level down to a micro demographic perspective, and correlating the latest market trends and comparables with how those factors relate to the specific asset/portfolio being evaluated. We are adept in assessing market supply and demand drivers, vacancy and absorption history and trends, construction activity, development climate, political or geographic risk, muncipal attitudes and other barriers to entry.

If you require general or specific market feasibility, due diligence, economic or capital markets assessments ACG stands ready to meet your needs.

ACG can provide Market Insight Reports on most asset classes in most markets. ACG's market research group can also create custom reports for market or project level feasibility or due diligence purposes.

Asset Management Services
Alpha Consulting Group provides a complete asset management platform for its clients. Acting as the owner’s instruction, ACG approaches investment-grade asset management from a strategic point of view. As with any investment, the key to maximizing results is diversification and a solid understanding of the real estate cycle. A plan is devised based upon the unique requirements of the client, the dynamics of the overall market and the micro-economics of specific markets.

Uncovering Opportunities and Unlocking Potential
The ACG team acutely understands the market cycles and is qualified to advise on critical buy/sell decisions. ACG prides itself with uncovering all opportunities to unlock potential and realize increases in asset value that would go unrecognized in many circumstances. Whether the challenge relates to leasing risk, achieving operational efficiencies, a capital improvement plan to enhance the asset or an overall asset repositioning strategy, ACG stands ready to meet the challenge.

Development Advisory Services
Alpha Consulting Group advises public, private and institutional clients that require the best in commercial real estate expertise to minimize their real estate risk and to maximize their Return on Investment, Assets, Equity and Operations. We provide the following corporate real estate services:

  • Capital Markets, Financing and Transactional Expertise
  • Fee Development and Build-to-Suits
  • Construction Management and Project Management Services
  • Owner's Representation Services
  • Financial Engineering
  • Cash Flow and Financial Analysis Modeling
  • Development Cash Flow and Sensitivity Analysis
  • GIS Mapping
  • Market Demographics and Comp Sets
  • Market and Feasibility Studies
  • Risk Management Analysis and Strategy
  • Strategic Planning for Properties or Portfolios of Properties
  • Sale Leaseback, Synthetic and other Off Balance Sheet Structures

ACG's development services group has not only provided professional services to some of the country's leading sponsor's and institutions, but we will also consider co-development opportunities on a principal basis with sponsors seeking a joint venture partner to shore-up a lack in financial strength or experience.

ACG can provide Market Insight Reports on most asset classes in most markets. ACG's market research group can also create custom reports for market or project level feasibility or due diligence purposes.

Research & Analytics
ACG is highly regarded for its ability to process and analyze commercial real estate metrics across all asset classes and geographic markets. Our clients, institutional and corporate as well private owners, developers and sponsors, are seeking to understand both current market conditions as well as emerging trends. ACG's Real Estate Services can help to identify new investments, market opportunities or provide third party validation for proof of concept on existing projects.

ACG's Real Estate Service produces quarterly reports covering Portland’s office and retail markets. We can also create custom reports for market or project level feasibility or due diligence purposes.

ACG provides a full array of Research & Analytics services:

  • GIS Analysis, mapping and high-resolution aerial photos
  • Sales & rent market data research
  • Investor survey data
  • Property information databases
  • Cash flow modeling and projections
  • Circle-Development Cash Flow Modeling
  • Loan scenario sensitivity analysis
  • Active retailers and expansion plan resources
  • Residential sales databases
  • Research credit ratings of tenants, developers and project sponsors
  • Tax, title, zoning information
  • SIC code searches
  • Benchmark cap rates, IRRs, income & expense growth rates
  • Investment/acquisition analysis & Due diligence
  • Project feasibility studies
  • IRR & proforma validations
  • Demographic analysis

By using cutting-edge services and tool sets, our highly skilled Real Estate Services Team is able to provide the most up-to-date information and analysis in the market.

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